The Christmas 30 seconds challenge

This Christmas, get ready for a challenge :

We are proud to announce the swing community that SSB will host a 30 SECONDS CHALLENGE event at the SSB Christmas Party.
Its time to get your game face on and your dancing shoes ready, here are the rules:

How to register:

This challenge is designated for teams of 1 to 100 people, yes, solo dancing is a thing too!
You can register your team for the 30 seconds challenge by using the form at the bottom of the page (please read all rules).
Anybody can register, all levels and all swing communities are welcomed !

The music:

You will send us a section of up to 30 seconds but no more, of the song on which you wish to present your 30 seconds challenge choreography. You can chose any swing song and cut it any way you like.
If the actual show that you dance is above 30 seconds you will be disqualified, sorry :D.
You can send the song only until the 20th of December, 18:00PM so we can prepare the playlists.
Please insert the teams name in the song title and send the song to: !

Dance rules:

Prepare for a small dance space, the party is taking place at BeatBar Umanist, so a dance space of 4x5m is to be expected.
Please try and keep your dance in the swing dance family (Lindy, Shag, Balboa, Charleston, solo jazz, no sweat if a bit of street dance is sprinkled in there 😀 ).
Please make sure you are not hitting the walls (small dance space) and that the dancers in the team have enough space to be safe.
Please try and limit the aerials in order to be safe in the enclosed space.
You are allowed to use props 😀 as long as they do not endanger the dancers, public, organizers as well as the room in question, BUT please communicate this to the organizers before the show through email.


The showcases will be judged by an independent jury.

Last but not least, HAVE FUN !