In this section we will try to answer all the questions that you might have related to the Festival, Payment methods as well as general questions.

For more questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Registration Procedure

Before registering please make sure to read our terms and conditions.

  • The registration process is modeled after a normal e-commerce shopping operation. Click on either the register now or go to the desired section by clicking on one of buttons above.
  • Once there, select the desired type of pass and add it to your cart. At this point your cart has updated to reflect the selected pass. A small icon also appeared in the bottom of the screen (footer) showing you the contents of your cart.
  • At this point you can continue browsing and return to your registration at any time by clicking on the Festival->Your Pass menu entry or on the cart menu in the footer area.
  • When you are ready to finish your registration go to your cart and click proceed to checkout.
  • When you are ready to register click on checkout and fill the form with relevant information
  • Be sure to select the appropriate level for your classes (selecting between intermediate, advanced intermediate and advanced) and give us your partners name if you have one
  • When you have filled the checkout form make sure to tick “I agree” for the terms and conditions
  • Then and only then you can click on “Place Order”
  • After placing the order you will be redirected to the credit/debit card payment portal where you will fill in your credit/debit card payment information with our payment partner PlatiOnline

Please make sure to fill everything out with precise information before checking out.

Please note that when checking out, the order can take up to 30 sec for processing.

Information on the available levels can be found below.


Please note

Your card will be charged ahead of time for the Lindy Bug 2019 Festival which will take place between the 5th and 7th of October.

What happens after the registration

After you register using the e-commerce type page the following things will happen:

  • You will receive an email with your order (registration) number; don’t be afraid if the numbers have 4 digits (they are generated automatically by the payment platform)
  • After your payment is processed you will receive a confirmation or denial of payment email from our payment partner, PlatiOnline (we will also be notified of your payment)
  • If your payment has been approved  we will place your order in the completed state and you will get another email notifying you about this

The order completion mail IS your e-ticket with your order number that you have to PRINT and bring with you on your trip to Lindy Bug Bucharest

Delivery and shipping

The registration e-ticket is shipped electronically in the form of the registration completion email.

Please PRINT and take this email with you when coming to Bucharest to participate at the Lindy Bug 2019 festival.

Supported Payment Methods

Online payment can be done with either a personal or enterprise card having full security. The accepted payment cards are Visa (Classic or Electron) and Mastercard (including Maestro if a CVV2/CVC2 code has been issued for it).

No extra fees are taken for the transaction.

The card data (credentials) processing is done exclusively on the PlatiOnline servers.

The security of your data is guaranteed by the fact that PlatiOnline does not store the confidential information of your card, but sends them encrypted  through a secured channel directly to the bank that is processing them.

Your payment will be processed in RON regardless of the currency that you have on your home account.

After payment , your bank statement will show the name SWINGSTEPSBUCHAREST for the payed amount.

My credit/debit card isn't accepted

If your debit/credit card isn’t accepted then please contact us by filling a report here or send an email to from your personal email.

If you are using the contact form, please select the “Payment Problem” issue.

If contacting us personally please place the word “Payment Problem” as well as your name and order number inside the email subject so that the email gets filtered to the right folder and is more quickly replied to. We will discuss with you alternate payment formats via email.

I can't participate to the festival and I already registered

As specified in the Terms & Conditions, the payment for the chosen pass is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Cheer up though, we are fine with somebody else taking your place to the festival (even though we would have wanted to meet you).

If you find somebody to take your place at the festival please give us an email in one of the following ways:

  • either by filling in the form here and selecting the “Change Pass Owner” issue, don’t forget to give us the name of the person taking your pass
  • or from your personal email at with the “Change Pass Owner” words in the subject as well as your name, order number and the person you want to give the pass to, so the mail can be filtered in the correct folder and we can answer you faster.

Please note that the invoice and original payment will remain on your name and you will have to privately sell your pass to the other person.

The registration procedure got stuck

Please note that the registration process can take up to 30 seconds to finish and it may only seem stuck.

However if the registration process is truly stuck you have some options.

If the process got stuck before you were redirected to the online payment portal you can try the following steps:

  1. Check your cart and see if the selected pass is still in there
  2. If the cart still has the selected pass inside it you can try to checkout again
  3. If it still didn’t work, you can try cleaning your browsers cache and repeat the steps or try the registration with another browser
  4. If these didn’t work then you can clear your cart and retry everything from zero
  5. If these steps still didn’t work please contact us in one of the following ways:
    • fill in the contact form here and select the “Registration Problem” issue
    • send us an email from your personal email at and please place the “Registration Problem” words as well as your name inside the subject so that the message gets sent to the correct folder

If the process got stuck after you were redirected to the online payment portal you can try the following steps:

  1. Contact the payment provider represented by Plati Online and speak with them
  2. Contact us as described at step 5 above

I haven't received a registration confirmation/completion email

Please make sure that you introduce a functioning email address in the registration/checkout form so that the emailing system can do its work.

If you have not received a registration confirmation/completion email, please contact us in one of the following ways:

  • by filling the contact form here and selecting the “No Email Received” issue
  • by sending us an email from your personal email client at and place the “No Email Received” words as well as your name in the email subject so that the email can be placed in the correct folder an we can answer you in the quickest manner.

I introduced the wrong email address in the registration form

If you introduced the wrong email number or any other contact data inside the registration form and have not received a registration email or a registration completion email, please contact us in one of the following ways:

  • by filling in the contact form here and selecting the “Bad Personal Data” issue
  • by sending us an email at and placing the “Bad Personal Data” words as well as your name inside the subject so that the message can be placed in the appropriate folder and we can answer you in a timely manner.

How can I change my level

If you feel you are out of place at the level where you originally bought your pass you can change your level.

In order to do that you have to personally speak with the teacher at whom you wish to attend class and get his/her approval before attending. If that teacher has agreed to the change, then you can speak with the people from the organization team and get a new bracelet indicating your new level.

This works the other way around as well. The teacher is authorize to change your level if he/she feels that it is necessary.

Please note that your level change request can be rejected if it would bring a big imbalance between leader and follower numbers.

Will there be AUDITIONS

Because this is (for the moment) a small festival NO auditions will be held. Please choose the level that you feel is appropriate for your knowledge and skills (as well as determination).

Please note that the teacher can demote you in level if he/she feels that it is necessary.

Should I bring some identification document to the festival?

According to Romanian Law, everybody is required to have ID, so it is necessary to take it with you at
all times.

What happens if I lose my pass payment confirmation?

Please see the “I haven’t received a registration confirmation/completion email” section above. By contacting us as described there we will send you another email with your registration completion.

Please note that you have to PRINT the order completion email and present it when arriving at the festival.

What if I forget my payment confirmation?

It’s no problem, you just need to tell us your name and ID number and we will track your payment in our data base.

Please follow the procedure procedure stated at “I haven’t received a registration confirmation/completion email” above if you lose your confirmation before arriving in Bucharest.

If you lost your e-ticket after arriving here, just speak with us in person at the registration desk.

How do I know that my order was successfully placed ?

After registering you will receive email regarding your registration, payment and an e-ticket.

Please see the “What happens next” section above for more information.

How do I receive my Lindy Bug pass?

You can pick up your Lindy Bug bracelet Friday the 25th of October, from 4PM to 7PM at the party venue by presenting your printed e-ticket.

Can I take photos or film at the workshops?

Professional audio or video recording equipment and (photo)cameras are not allowed. Simple and small devices without removable lenses, as well as smartphones, are allowed on all sites. We encourage you to publicly share the pics on all social media platforms, however videos containing techniques demonstrated by the teachers are for private study and are not to be shared.