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Useful info – Swing Steps Bucharest

Useful information

In this section we will try and give you some general pointers regarding the places and customs regarding the Lindy Bug Festival. The place that we are talking about is off course Bucharest, Romania.

If what you are seeking isn’t in this section maybe its in the FAQ section.

If you are still having trouble feel free to contact us by any means you desire.

Lets start easy - where is Bucharest


Bucharest is Romania’s capital and largest city, as well as the most important industrial and commercial center of the country. With 2 million inhabitants in the city and more than 2.4 million in the urban area, Bucharest is one of the largest cities in Southeastern Europe.

Bucharest is the 6th largest city in the European Union by population within city limits, after London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, and Paris.

How to get here

Depending on where you live you have the following options:

  • By plane -> From Airport Henry Coanda you can take a Cab / Uber to get to into town or via buses 783 / 780.
  • By car -> please use Google Maps or ViaMichelin to get to Bucharest safely.
  • By bicycle -> This might take a while, but if you start early, you can make it. Also, we recommend you to use Google Maps or ViaMichelin to get here in the best shape.
  • On foot -> If you are from Romania or from one of the neighboring countries, you can challenge yourself to come on foot. We encourage you, but please start your journey only if you have a good physical condition and traveling equipment.
  • (Sorry, no boat routes)

Location of the courses halls

  • The classes will take place @ Palatul Universul, 23-25 Ion Brezoianu Str., Bucharest 030167, Romania, District 1, Bucharest.
  • LINK to google maps here: CLICKME
    *The 3 halls where the workshops will take place are:
    -> ArtIzThick;
    -> Switch;
    -> Boutique;
  • The Party will take place @ Vertigo Venue (see below)

Location of the party hall

  • The parties will take place @ Vertigo Venue, Pipera 1H Boulevard, Voluntari 077190, Romania.
  • LINK to google maps here: CLICKME
    *The parties will take place in the main hall


The Romanian climate in October is a mellow autumn. Be careful, we may run into a spot of rain so pack something for that as well.

Money in Romania

Payment with a credit/debit card in Romania is common place, especially in the capital, Bucharest.

Please make sure that your card is accepted in Europe and if it is, then you have nothing to worry about.

Our local currency is the Ron (Romanian Lion “Leu”). You can check out the exchange rates between various currencies and the Ron here.

If you have some Euro’s left from a vaccantion, you can exchange them for RONs at a local exchange office or at a Bank.

Please make sure that you do not exchange your money at a tourist trap. If the exchange office looks out of place, you are better off using a bank.

Try and avoid the exchange offices in the old town, they practice bad rates.

Make sure to ask your host where you can find a trust worthy ATM/exchange office/Bank that is close to the place of residence.

The Food

In Bucharest you can find lots of traditional foods, like: Sarmale / Cabbage rolls; Mici / Grilled Minced Meat Rolls; Mamaliga cu branza si smantana / Polenta with Cheese and Sour Cream; Jumari cu ceapa / Greaves with Onions, but you can also choose from a variate palette of foreign cuisines (Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Greek, etc). For those who prefer vegan or raw vegan dishes, don’t worry, Bucharest has a few restaurants and shops where you can eat all sorts of delicious dishes.
If you wish, you can also try one of our local beers or special beverages.

What to visit

You can walk around the Old Town of Bucharest and find many historical buildings and monuments and also visit the City’s hidden Churches.
Another ‘must-see’ place is the Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum and the Herastrau Park next to it. Another wonderful park to visit is the Cismigiu Park.
If you love big buildings, then another place you would have to visit is the Palace of Parliament also called the People’s Palace, the second largest administrative building in the world. Make sure to visit inside, as seeing it from the outside just isn’t enough!
*If you like to get more tips on what to visit, just ask SSB team. 

Bucharest Nightlife

The Capital of Romania is well known for its nightlife. If you enjoy clubbing and wondering all night from place to place enjoying different concerts or the company of Romanian people, this is the place for you.

Where to stay

Bucharest has many hotels, hostels and pensions. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a more expensive accommodation in the center of the town, or for an accessible one in other parts of town.
Also, if you like this type of traveling you can chose to stay with Airbnb or maybe via couch surfing with locals.


For any emergency search for and inform an organizer or if the situation demands it you can call the national emergency number.

In Romania like in all of Europe the national emergency number for both the AMBULANCE and POLICE is: