Lindy Hop

Born in Harlem, New York City around the 1920s, it flourished in its popularity around the late 30s and 40s together with the Swing music and the era of big bands. Lindy Hop is a joyful and energetic partner dance which is based on the lead and follow structure but opens up to endless amounts of improvisation and individual interpretation. Having its roots in Afro-American culture, it incorporates the elements of The Charleston, Break Away, Tap and Authentic Jazz. Being one of the core styles in the Swing dance family, Lindy Hop is uniting people all around the world in their ability to communicate within the couple and groove with the beats of the Swing music.

About the Classes

What is a Lindy Hop course?

An 8 weeks swing course includes a weekly one hour lesson (8 weeks = 8 lessons). All classes are progressive meaning every week the new material builds on what was taught the week before. You will learn to lead & follow, rhythms, movements, musicality and choregraphies according to the level you signed up. During each course you might come back to the basics, but you will deal with it in different depths.

New courses take place every 2-3 months from September to June/July. Course registration opens about two weeks before the start of a new round of classes.  When the next round of courses starts, we will always announce it on our Facebook page, so stay tuned.

One more thing to know, in our classes we rotate partners, which means you will practice with different people throughout the lesson, and we do not make any exceptions. 

Once you registered don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes, a spare T-shirt and a bottle of water… and a big smile on your face.  

Where are the classes taking place?

We have classes at several studios in Bucharest, but we communicate before the start of each new course. For the next round of courses starting on the 18th and 23rd of September , the locations of the classes will be:  

  • Beginner 1 class @ Ionel Perlea Street, no 8, ground floor, 7 minutes away from Izvor subway station (Con Sabor)
  • Beginner 2 class @ Cameliei Street, no 39, last floor,  which is 15 minutes away of Victory subway station
  • Beginner – Intermediate class @ Victor Eftimiu Street, no 2, ground floor, 10 minutes away from Universitate subway station
  • Intermediate class  @ Cameliei Street, no 39, last floor,  which is 15 minutes away of Victory subway station
  • Intermediate – Advanced class @ Ionel Perlea Street, no 8, ground floor, 7 minutes away from Izvor subway station (Con Sabor)
  • Solo Charleston@ Beat Bar Umanist, Vasile Lascar, no 29

How much does one course cost? 

You can sign up for half course (4 weeks) or full course (8 weeks) and the prices are:

Lindy Hop Classes:

4 weeks (one month) – 140 LEI

8 weeks (2 months) – 240 LEI

1 single class – 40 LEI

Solo Charleston Classes: 

4 weeks (one month) – 100 LEI

8 weeks (2 months) – 170 LEI

1 single class – 30 LEI

Once you have registered, the payment can be done directly at the class, with cash, beginning of each month of class.

How do I sign up? 

In order to register for any of our courses you need to fill in this form. You do not need a partner to register for lessons, but we strongly recommend you to do so, especially for followers. Sometimes, there are fewer leaders than followers and we have to put you on the waiting list until new leaders sign up. Please do not get upset, we only want you to enjoy your time during classes. So, if you register with a partner, keep in mind that the registration form must be filled by both.

For Solo Charleston classes you don´t need a partener. 😉

What are the groups/levels available?

  • Beginner 1 – brand new group, you don’t need to know how to dance, we’ll teach you!
  • Beginner 2 – for this group you should have from 2 months to 4 months experience with LindyHop, know some moves like send-out, tuck turn and Lindy circle. 
  • Beginner – Intermediate – 4 to 6 months of lindy experience is required for this group
  • Intermediate for this group you should have from 6 months to 12 months experience with Lindy Hop and be able to execute a pretty good swing out!
  • Intermediate – Advanced – for this group you should dance for at least 1 year, master the swing out, dance fluently and be able to use a few solo jazz moves in your dances.
  • Solo Charleston – for this class a minimum of 4 months Lindy Hop experience is recommended. No partner required.

Meet our Instructors

Carmen Mocanu
Ana-Maria Simionescu
Silvia Ciotec
Nicolae Gaburici
Mihai Bartis
Cristi Gelepu
Razvan Iliescu